Filling a Vacancy on the MASB Board of Directors

MASB is committed to a high level of civility, respect and ethical behavior in the process leading to membership on the Board of Directors, through the appointment process. While it is recognized that candidacy and election for any office has an important political dimension, all will benefit if the process is characterized by ethical and civil behavior. Additionally, all involved in the process must strive to avoid even the appearance of impropriety.

There is currently a vacancy for Group VI. Those eligible (must have served as a qualified trustee of an Active or Academy member board of education for at least two years and have completed the Fundamentals of School Board Service course (CBA 101) at the time of his or her nomination to office) and interested can submit an appointment form here by June 29, 2018

The individual must be able to attend MASB board and committee meetings (board meetings are bimonthly on Fridays, unless otherwise stated below, with the possibility of additional committee assignments). The dates for the board meetings of the upcoming fiscal year are: Thursday and Friday, July 12 – 13, 2018 (Board Retreat), Sept. 14, 2018, Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2018 and Jan. 18, 2019.

Through the form, candidates will submit:

  • Contact/background information
  • Nomination letter or board minutes from their local or ISD board of education
  • Election statement outlining qualifications and interest in serving
  • Photo (please submit a professional-quality photo; low-resolution files will not be used)

No additional documents, letters or endorsements will be accepted outside of what is asked for on this form.

Candidates for Appointment:

  1. Candidates for appointment should not solicit letters of endorsement, other than a letter of endorsement from the local/ISD board from which they are seeking their nomination. All applications for appointment will be submitted to the MASB Executive Director.
  2. Candidates should refrain from efforts to lobby (via phone, fax, email, text, letter or other communication) members of the Board of Directors.
  3. Candidates should not defame through misinformation, gossip or innuendo any other candidate in order to advance his/her position at the expense of another.

Members of the MASB Board of Directors:

  1. Members of the Board should not submit letters of endorsement for candidates for appointment. The full board will discuss the candidate applications at a regular/special meeting, as part of the appointment process.
  2. Members of the board should not lobby or otherwise seek to influence other board members on behalf of a particular candidate. 
  3. Each candidate who is not selected will be informed by an officer of the Board as soon as is reasonable after the board action takes place.

Submit Group VI Appointment Form

If you have any questions about the appointment process, please contact Board Liaison Cheryl Huffman at 517.327.5915 or