Annual Leadership Conference

Nov. 10 – 13, 2016
Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center

Is your district on the road to excellence? MASB will help you get there.

  • Four days.
  • Dozens of sessions.
  • Hundreds of attendees.
  • One conference.

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Preconference sessions include:

  • Top 10 in 10: A Discussion With the State Superintendent
  • Supporting Your Transgender Students: Laws, Policies and Best Practices
  • Board Member Certification Classes (CBAs)
  • Michigan Council of School Attorneys Fall Conference

Conference activities entail:

  • General Session Speakers
  • Exhibit Show
  • Clinic Sessions on finances, communication, advocacy, technology, legal strategies, marketing and more

Postconference options:

  • Numerous Board Member Certification Classes

Featured General Session Speakers

Stopping the Madness: Keeping our Schools Safe

Harry W. Rhulen, CEO of Firestorm Solutions, LLC

Explore some of the most challenging school safety issues with a nationally recognized expert in the field
of preparedness and crisis management. Come away from this invaluable session with a better understanding of how school districts can keep their students, faculty and community safer.

Millennial Mojo: Understanding and Embracing the Next Generation

Ravi Hutheesing, author, speaker and cultural diplomat

Millennials are the largest generation in the global economy. Learn how to bring out the strengths and have a positive influence on the actions of this often misunderstood generation.

Addressing the Effects of Poverty Through Community Investments

Ruby K. Payne, Ph.D., author, speaker and career educator

Recognized as THE expert on the circumstances, effects and structures of poverty, Dr. Payne will share key lessons learned from decades of work in the field. Her message is powerful: With certain collaborative efforts, communities can overcome poverty.

Because YOU Matter: A Story of Education, Courage and Enlightenment

Justin Jennings, Muskegon Public Schools Assistant Superintendent

Former basketball pro and Michigan native Justin Jennings will share his journey from the classroom to the basketball court and back again. Having learned to read and then learned to lead, Justin’s story is a reminder of how crucial relationships are to student learning.

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