Districts Name 2012 Media Honor Roll

The media are key partners in communicating to our communities and can play a large role in shaping public opinion about our schools. MASB’s Media Honor Roll recognizes media representatives who deserve recognition for fair and balanced reporting about our public schools.

This year’s honorees were nominated by local and intermediate school districts for their efforts to get to know the superintendent, board president and district’s mission and goals; report school news in a fair, accurate and balanced manner; give a high profile position to positive school news; visit the schools; and maintain a policy of no surprises by sharing information with school officials.

The Media Honor Roll provides a way for local districts to foster a positive relationship with their local media. This year’s nominees represent newspapers across the state and one radio station. Congratulations to the 2012 Media Honor Roll recipients and thank you for your efforts to report the good news and hold us accountable for the areas for improvement.

Download the list.