We salute you during School Board Recognition Month

Posted by: Peter Broderick on 1/14/2013
Kathy Hayes

This month, Michigan Association of School Boards is celebrating School Board Recognition Month in honor of the 4,200 elected school board members across the state. It’s an opportunity for us to recognize the vital role you play in providing quality public education for the children in our state.

Michigan students benefit everyday from the energy and countless hours dedicated by members of our school boards. As public servants elected by local citizens you’ve been entrusted to provide each student an education that prepares them to be tomorrow’s leaders.

Every day, you unselfishly contribute your time and talents toward the advancement of public education. During this rather turbulent time when public education has often been under attack, your voices ring loudly in defense of this time honored institution which has been the back bone of our free and democratic society. Your commitment to providing a quality education for all students no matter who they are is the fundamental principle upon which public education was founded.

Board members contribute hundreds and hundreds of hours each year governing their districts. Whether crafting policies, hiring administrators, listening to staff and student concerns or recognizing outstanding programs, board members always keep their eyes on the goal of student achievement.

The time spent in board meetings represents just a small fraction of the hours you devote to leading your districts. Your job requires an endless series of meetings and school functions to attend; hours of preparation reading and studying financial reports, agendas and proposals; and a host of difficult and challenging decisions to make. On top of all these duties, many of you have committed to your own professional development and spend countless hours at conferences and training sessions to keep abreast of the latest trends in educational leadership.

On behalf of the MASB Board of Directors and staff, we proudly honor and salute you for your outstanding service as education advocates and thank you for your unending commitment to enhancing and improving the education of the students in the state of Michigan.
— Kathy Hayes, Executive Director

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